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George Lowther's Black Flag by James-B-Roger George Lowther's Black Flag by James-B-Roger
And yet another Jolly Roger that has never bin printed.

It's the Black Flag of one of my Personal Favourite Pirates:
"George Lowther"

This "black assign with a death in it" was reported by Captain Edwards, when Lowther attacked his ship the Greyhound. [link]

I traced the flag using this Picture [link] at the site of witch I just gave a Link.

Sins the Skeleton figure in the picture is somewhat misshapen by the wind, I've ajusted it to be placed on a flad surface.

Lowhter’s flag was basically similar to Edward (Ned) Lowe’s flag.
(accept for the death’s colour)

This may be because Edward Lowe served as George Lowther’s lieutenant
for a period of time.

In this time he might have fancied Lowther’s Roger,
and therefore made a similar one accept that he chose to make the skeleton “red” instead of “white”

Possobly to increase the fear-factor of his flag.
Reecey-Boy Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Simple, but gets the point across.

I can imagine the crew of a trade ship's blood running cold when they spot that.
James-B-Roger Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2008
Aye, it DID.

Every single ship the set their mind on surrendered at the first sight of THIS flag.

..... except for Captain Edwards...

He resisted for about an HOUR before finally surrendering.

A very Unwise decision, It lost him several of his crew, and his ship.

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